A catalyzed varnish finish is used to protect your bow for years to come. First the pores of the wood grain are sealed to provide a smooth even surface. A gloss finish is applied for the first few coats and fine sanded in between coats. The final coat is applied using a hunter’s flat non-reflective finish. The reason for using different products during this process is that the gloss coats are more durable and provide your bow with the greatest protection and allowing the beauty of the wood to show through. The final coat is applied in flat since most hunters prefer a non-reflective finish for hunting leaving the bow with a beautiful low shine luster. However, the final finish can also be a high gloss coat, hand polished to a brilliant shine or somewhere in between. One common question is whether to have some weight reduced from a bow and is a personal decision only the customer can decide. Reducing weight on a bow does involve sanding the limbs which will require the bow to be refinished after completion. Weight reduction can also be done with the customer refinishing the bow on their own. Some questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to reduce weight on a bow.

•Is the bow special to you in some way, yet too heavy to shoot comfortably?

•Do you ever intend to sell the bow?

•Is the bow in need of refinishing anyway?

Feel free to call and discuss your personal situation and plans for the bow which can help you decide whether reducing weight on a bow is right for you. Before you ship your bow, please call to make arrangements first. This will help to have preparations already made as to the work to be performed on your bow as well as a turnaround time. The actual cost of return shipping is added to your final bill. Shipping costs vary by location. Include your name, address and complete contact information when shipping your bow. I look forward to hearing from you and taking care of your bow refinishing needs.

Sincerely, John Rafferty

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