JR Bows, Bow Hospital can help you refurbish that old bow of yours that is in need of restoration or might be a little too heavy. Specializing in weight reduction, most bows can be reduced by approximately 10% of the original weight, some more or less. Whether age has caught up to your bow or the bow is in need of some repairs due to heavy use, or maybe a combination of both, the Bow Hospital can help get you back in the field together again. If your favorite bow is in need of a face lift due to nicks, scratches and dings allowing moisture into the wood, it can be restored to its original luster. Bows finishes can simply fade and yellow over time but with a complete refinish can make your bow look brand new again. We can add, repair or replace overlays and damaged tips, add inserts or tackle any other types of repairs that are needed.


Weight reduction and refinishing package $180.00 (Includes strip old finish, reduce weight, re-tiller and refinish)

Weight Reduction Only $75.00 Refinishing Only (Entire Bow) $125.00

Refinish Limbs Only or Riser Only $75.00

Hand Polished High Gloss Finish (Additional Cost) $80.00

Tip Replacement $50.00 ($75/pair)

Overlays: Repair, Match, Replace or Additions $65.00 & up

Reshape Grip $50.00

Fill Holes $10.00

New Leather Grips $25.00

Miscellaneous Repairs ask for details Additional Items:

Strings: available upon request

Bear Replacement Decals installed $20.00

Bear Replacement Coin Installed $20.00

Damon-Howatt Decals Installed $20.00

Custom Decals ask for details

We can help get you back in the field together again!